Connections between the Earth and the Sky, the Past and the Future

1/2 to Full Day Outdoor Program

Hermann Trappman and Elizabeth Neily are artists, storytellers, and environmental educators who live in Gulfport, FL. This couple’s art and stories teach about connectedness to our surroundings and the cosmos beyond. Using the four cardinal directions as a symbolic environment, this workshop will teach you how to weave the stages of your life through them.

• A lifetime of spiritual experiences denied. An awakening on I-10. Presented by Hermann Brainwashed to live in secular time, we all learn to deny our connections with our planet from the moment of birth. Everyone’s history is full of deep connections. Most of these connections are channeled into areas where they don’t apply, or are considered fantasies or feared as an emotional instabilities. Hermann will describe events in his life which should have lead toward an understanding of these relationships. Through mental gymnastics, he learned to mask them.

• Designing Connections, anchored within Ancient Time, that open futures. Creating stories with a deep environmental perspective. Presented by Elizabeth — through the characterization of Grandmother Mangrove, a character in the play Ancient Horizons, she will describe her relationship to the very origins of Florida. Each of us has that relationship with wherever we are, but Elizabeth will describe weaving oneself into the very fabric of a changing environment.

•. Ceremonies …The symbols that help us focus our life’s purpose. Presented by Hermann — Our lives are lived through symbolic interpretation based on our environment and our biological make-up. How do you look for symbols that will help you understand the world you live in? How do you develop symbols that will celebrate your own life experience within that world perspective? Using the four cardinal directions as a symbolic environment, Hermann will talk about how to weave the stages of our lives through them.

FASCILITIES: Must have access to a park or natural setting. Seating. Bathrooms on premises.


A Journey through Florida’s Ancient Beginings to its First People

1/2 Day Outdoor Program

• Florida had to tear itself away from the ancient continent of Gondwanaland to drift as islands across Earth’s surface to become the amazing place it is today. In this Paleo-adventure, you will discover the ancient flora and fauna of Florida, along with the people who drifted into the area during the last Ice Age. You will learn about the habitats of these animals and may even run across some of their foot prints!

•Activities include throwing an atlatl.

FASCILITIES: Must have access to a park or natural setting, preferably with a variety of environmental systems. Seating. Bathrooms on premises.


A Reincarnation of a Past Lifestyle.

(1/2 Day Inside or Outdoor Program)

We are often asked, “How did you ever get started?” Well, it starts with a fascination with history and the best way to learn about a time-period is to find a character you admire and to bring him or her to life.

Session 1: WHERE TO START?

Should you chose a real person or a composite of someone who may have lived during your time period? How to do research.


How to find the right clothes and accessories. – A Resource Guide

How to find reenactments and living history events near where you live.

FACILITIES: Meeting Room with tables and seating for participants. Writing paper, pens. Bathrooms on premises.